The Humanity Squad was instituted by Maanuski Foundation on 3rd April 2020. It is a special force created to work and handle problems caused by Coronavirus pandemic in and across Maharashtra area. The sole aim of this squad is to help people & communities in need, maintain clean & hygienic environment and thus spread Humanity around us.



It is the first time in modern history that the world is facing something as unprecedented as the Corona pandemic. This global phenomenon has curbed the freedom of movement and taken precious lives across the country.

Maanuski Foundation is uplifting the lives of people who have been socially and economically affected. Taking all necessary precautions and keeping the government and local regulations in mind, we have instituted the Humanity Squad that performs essential grocery distribution and local area sanitization for many COVID centres, hospitals and the general public in need.

Besides dealing with the rise in COVID cases, Maharashtra saw one of the strongest cyclones in the state since 1891; Cyclone Nisarga. After the cyclone hit, the Humanity Squad carried out remote volunteering and distributed grocery packets to the affected tribal areas of Raigad district.

To provide maximum help and support, we need fellow humanitarians to come together and participate in our activities. We invite you to join us on the field and/or send your blessings in the form of a generous donation.

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