About us

Humanity - माणुसकी Means Caring For and Helping Others Whenever and Wherever Possible. Considering Humanity As A Focal Point, Maanuski Foundation Trust Was Instituted With The Sole Aim Directed Towards Undertaking Constructive Work For Betterment Of The Society.

The Trust Is A Group Of Like-Minded / Professional People Who Have Been Associated With Each Other In Some Or The Other Way In Life. The Aim Of This Trust Is To Guide And Help People In Need Of The Various Strata Of The Society. The Trust Performs The Function Of Providing A Platform For People To Glance At Various Sources Like Government Schemes, Individual Donors and Corporate Sector.

We Expect Whole Hearted Guidance, Encouragement And Support From Your GoodSelf, In This Mammoth Task Undertaken By Our Trust

Mission & Vision

Maanuski Foundation Endeavours To Provide Help And Co-Ordinate To Render Equal Opportunities To Extend Long Term Humanitarian Assistance For The Sustainable Development Of The Society By Bridging The Data Gap Of Information Availability. Foundation Also Focuses On Upliftment of Underprivileged People In The Society

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